The Seppelt family has been making wine for over 150 years, and with Peter Seppelt Wines, the tradition continues. Peter Seppelt is the 5th generation Seppelt to continue the winemaking tradition. 32 years on the 120 hectares has become Grand Cru Estate. The name 'Grand Cru', reflects our aim of producing fine wine, contributed to by the perfect elevation which produces wonderful cool climate wines.

From 2006 the Estate has gone through a transformation with the new Cellar Door and Restaurant facility. The sound of the water trickling over the bronze birdbath welcomes relaxation and a memorable visit. Grand Cru Esate is the 'hidden gem' of the Barossa and Eden Valley with expansive gardens, courtyard and parklands. The Wine Store has had a "face lift" for all to enjoy during larger functions (40 or more) and Weddings.

All wine grapes are grown here in our vineyard at Grand Cru Estate. We are passionate about growing our fruit the Biological Way. That is achieved using chemicals only when most needed. And supplementing various critical foliar sprays with natural fertilisers. Holistic management improves the population of beneficial microbes which helps build a natural defence system within the plant, which then aids against unwanted disease. The Biological Way also contributes towards having a very healthy plant which then produces fine fruit for fine wines.

We also enjoy sharing our bird life. the natural bird population is extensive here throughout the trees and gardens. You may also see some of the Guinea Fowl which roam the property eating bugs and weed seeds. They really are a beautiful sight not often seen. Our fluffy friends, the Silky Bantams will come up to eat bread from your hand. Lord Henry Leopold is our proud rooster with his girls children will delight in heir antics!

One must not forget to mention the our unforgettable four legged friends! Malt and Maddie the Golden Retrievers, dear Toby the black Labrador and Bella the Border Collie. The dogs are very well behaved and enjoy sharing the outside lawns with you. We are very family friendly and welcome children under supervision.

We look forward to your company to share the best kept secret in the Eden Valley - Peter Seppelt Wines, Grand Cru Estate.

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